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"Allessia! It warms my heart to see you again; this city grew a bit dimmer without your light. Things are well in Secomber, I trust?" — Huros
"They are, good Huros, though I left my home as soon as I received your letter." — Allessia Faithhammer
"Yes, the letter, I sent it too late. You may have already heard, but Eldrith has been defeated. Still, though, Baldur's Gate is not at peace. There is much work here for a crusading cleric of the faith, Allessia.
"If you have not spoken to them already, both Sollus Duncirc, captain of the guard, and Randalla Brasshorn, a merchant noted for contracting adventurers, may have tasks for you." — Huros
"I'd like to make an offering to the church." — Allessia Faithhammer
"As you know, we abolished the tithe long ago... but the church is always grateful for whatever you can offer, Allessia." — Huros
"I wish to offer 2,000 gold." — Allessia Faithhammer


Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance IIEdit

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