Vampire PowersEdit

The following is a list of Jericho Cross' neutral powers, which have no restrictions.

  • Blood Shield - Protects Jericho Cross from damage. It regenerates over time.
  • Blood Vision - "Blood Vision reveals enemies as well as critical items like weapons and doors."
"Cause(s) enemies, weapons, and other key elements to glow, and zoom(s) in your view a bit too."
  • Vampire Jump - Allows Jericho Cross to perform a second jump in mid-air.

Good PowersEdit

  • Silver Bullet: "The Silver Bullet Power increases shooting attacks with holy fire."
  • Fear: "The Fear Power terrifies most enemies."
  • Mystic Armor: "The Mystic Armor Power affords superior armor against attacks."
  • Vindicator: "The Vindicator Power calls down chain lightning on your enemies."

Evil PowersEdit

  • Blood Frenzy: "The Blood Frenzy Power imbues your melee attacks with supernatural berserker power."
  • Turn: "The Turn Power makes slaves of your enemies and turns them against each other for a time."
  • Black Shroud: "The enveloping evil of the Black Shroud Power awards armor and deals damage to those who dare attack."
  • Soul Stealer: "The Soul Stealer Power sucks the very souls from distant enemies."



  • Redeemer Revolver: "Young Darkwatch engineering students are required to study the innovative blueprint for the Redeemer. Its ingenious design ejects expended cylinders through the breech while feeding loaded cylinders into the muzzle. By fanning the hammer, you can discharge many rounds rapidly, and then quickly reload by replacing the clip. The careful balance between accuracy, rate of fire, and power make the Redeemer a standard firearm for Darkwatch Regulators. Like any pistol, however, it has neither the stopping power nor long range accuracy of most rifles."
  • Warmaker Pistols: "Most Darkwatch Regulators scorn these light pistols for their lack of stopping power. However, you can dual fire with one in each fist to achieve an impressive rate of fire. Also, swinging two-bladed handles gives you twice the punch in close quarters combat."
  • Dynamite: "Blow the crap out of anything nearby (including yourself, if you're not careful) with good ol' sticks of Dynamite. Don't be surprised if attentive adversaries see it coming and run for cover."