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"Norman Osborne, CEO of Oscorp, suffered an accident with a secret formula while trying to become superhuman. Instead, it slowly drove him insane, his obsession with Spider-Man and power growing every day." [1]

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Known History

"Osborn ruined competitors and partners alike as he built his chemicals corporate empire. When an experimental super-soldier serum blew up in his face he became permanently unhinged, adopting the persona of a bogeyman that scared him as a child. Now the Green Goblin will not rest until he conquers the Underworld along with the legitimate business world."


Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel- Avengers Alliance - Green Goblin

  • Glider Smack
  • Goblim Serum
    • Goblin Stupor
  • Pumpkin Bomb
  • Pumpkin Barrage

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2[2]Edit

  • Pumpkin Bombs
    • 4 Bombs (Level 04)
    • 6 Bombs (Level 07)
  • Gas Attack
  • Homing Swarm (Level 05)
  • Napalm Strike (Level 10)


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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Green Goblin

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Green Goblin

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